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From: Jay
Subject: Homoseduction - Chapter ThreeThis story is a work of fiction. Names, characters,
places, and incidents either are products of the
author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any
resemblance to actual events or locales or persons,
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
Copyright Jay Wood 2003.WARNING: In a very mild manner, there are sexual
instances which occur in this chapter. If male/male
sexual activity offends you or is illegal for you to
view, then do not continue. If it is and you read
anyway, I hold no responsibility. Read at you own
I'd just like to thank everyone that e-mailed me!!! It
means so much. At first I replied to the e-mails, but
I began to receive them faster than I could reply to
them. If you did not get a e-mail, don't feel bad.
They have all been read and I couldn't possibly begin
to tell you how much it means to me. There are four
main people I'd like to thank. Alana and Josh, without
your support this may have never started. Alana again
for proofreading this chapter. Thanks so much hun!
Kat, your
support means tons to me. I'd like to thank you for
agreeing to be my proofreader from now on. *Big hugs*
And finally, I'd like to thank my boyfriend Jesse.
Without you, this may have never started back up. Your
support has been the greatest and most of all, thank
you for being there to complain to about writer's
block! LOL.
I'd also like to let everyone know that I had told a
few people in my e-mails that the latest this would be
posted would be Thursday and that I was personally
hoping for Tuesday. Well, this will never happen
again. I've had to put many things aside to make my
personal deadline and I fear that it will not be
posted till early tomorrow, Wednesday. The next
chapter may delayed for some time. There are a few
family things going on that are hard to deal with.Again, thanks to EVERYONE for your support. You really
really don't know how much it means to me!!! I'll shut
up now and let you read:Homoseduction
Chapter 3
(Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't)
I set the Doritos and the Coke on the nightstand and
went to the bathroom. Knocking on the door, I said,
"Taking you long enough?" I laughed a little, but
there was Lolita Toplists no response. I turned the handle. He wasn't
there. I retraced my steps and went back into the
kitchen. Still no Chris. I started to get a Lolita Toplists little
worried and went back to the bedroom. Sitting on the
bed, which was opposite of just about everything in
the room, I tried to think of where he could be. I
turned around and reached for the chips when I heard a
door open. I quickly twisted around in time enough to
barely make out Chris running toward me. I shielded
myself with my arms and he fell into me. When he got a
good grip on my hands with one of his, he began to
tickle me. I busted out with laughter and begged him
to stop, but he just smiled and kept doing it. I could
feel my face turning red and I was gasping for air,
but still, he continued to tickle me. Tears rushed
from my eyes and the next thing I knew, he had stopped
and was kissing me. I relaxed and kissed him back. My
head was spinning. Not only from lack of oxygen, but
from his kiss. It was wonderful! He grasped my
shoulders, almost hurting, but more erotic.
I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer,
pressing our bodies together. In return he wrapped his
arms around me and kissed me again. He ran his fingers
through my hair. I was about to start taking off his
shirt when I realized what was happening. Chris leaned
forward to kiss me again Lolita Toplists and I turned my cheek to him.
I couldn't do this, it was way too soon. I pushed
upward, but he was resistant and leaned in for another
kiss, only to be turned away again. He pushed himself
up and looked directly at me. "No..." I said trying to
control my hormones and my brain at the same time.
"No, Chris. It's too much right now." Chris let his
head hang and he sighed. I covered my face with my
hands. I felt so terrible, but I just couldn't do it.
I mean, yeah, I had sexually imagined Chris several
times, but it's completely different in real
was actually happening. I squeezed my eyes as tight as
I could, hoping, some way, that I would just
disappear. Part of me was telling me to keep
going...that I knew I wanted this, but the other part
was telling me that it was way too soon for us...that
it had only been almost a day since Lolita Toplists any of this
I swallowed hard and deep, then moved my hands and
opened my eyes. I had expected to see Chris right
there. Instead, he was sitting on the edge of the bed.
All I could say was, "I-I'm...sorry Chris."
He shook his head and said, "Don't be, you're right,
it is Lolita Toplists too much." I took a deep breath. I was almost
sure he'd be upset, but he seemed calm. All he did was
turn around and smile. Noticing the uncertain look on
my face, he said, "I'm surprised you didn't say
something sooner." I managed a laugh...but I still
felt like a complete idiot. "I'll be right back," I
said getting off the bed. He nodded and I went into
the bathroom.
I didn't even remember shutting the door...just me
staring at the mirror in disbelief. 'What just
happened?' I shook my head and turned on the water. It
flowed over my trembling hands, like the thoughts in
my head. All Lolita Toplists I could think of was how stupid I felt. I
sighed and cupped my hands. Leaning over, I splashed
my face to cool me down. Coming back up, I looked into
the mirror. The water trickled down my slightly red
face. I was calming down and noticed that I wasn't
looking my best. I reached over and took Chris's brush
from the rack and began to brush my hair. I tilted my
head back, reached into my pocket, and took out my
hair tie. I brushed my hair back and tied it up, then
put my hands on the sink and leaned forward, toward
the mirror. In the slightest whisper, I said, "You can
handle this. It's not that big a deal, Jay." I smiled
and nodded to myself. I reached over and grabbed a
towel that was folded on the counter and wiped my face
I walked back into Chris's room and he was standing at
the TV, messing with the cable cord. "Hey." I said
trying to sound like I was alright. He turned around,
smiled and walked over to me. Then he pulled me into a
hug and held me tight. Returning the hug, I felt a
smile creep up on my face. We pulled back at the same
time and I said, "That was soo embarrassing." We both
laughed, but Chris got serious almost immediately.
"Jay, it really is ok man. No big deal." He smiled and
continued. "I figured we could watch a movie."
I went over to the bed and sat down against the
headboard. "What'd you have in mind?" I asked, still
trying to sound my calmest though my heart was still
"Actually...I was thinking we could watch The Rage:
Carrie 2?"
I nodded and said, "Haven't seen that in a while."
He began to push the channel button on the TV. He'd
normally use the remote, but he "lost" it when he
threw it against the wall a few weeks ago when his mom
and him got into an argument. Finally, Chris had found
the right channel and we had already missed about
fifteen minutes of the movie. He went and turned out
the light, then came and sat next to me. I cuddled up
against him and he wrapped his arm around me. I had
managed to loose myself in the movie and before I knew
it, I was asleep.
I was beginning to wake up and I almost panicked. For
a few seconds, I couldn't remember where I was and
then I felt a hand rub my arm and I remembered. I
smiled and knew I was safe here. Here in Chris's arms.
"Good morning." Chris said in a low voice. My smile
widened and I stretched my legs. They felt like they
had been strained the whole time I was asleep. I
reached up and scratched at the stubble on my chin
that was growing back. "Good morning." I said looking
up at him. He was still rubbing my arm slowly. I
pulled my body closer to him. We weren't under the
covers and the morning chill was getting to me. Lolita Toplists He
reached an arm over the side of the bed and pulled out
a blanket. Then Lolita Toplists he spread it over the us both. I laid
there with my face against his chest, his right arm
around my waist, and his left one against the middle
of my back. I smiled knowing that what had happened
last night didn't matter any more and that everything
would be ok.
Later that morning I was in the kitchen fixing us
breakfast. After yesterday's events, we were starving.
Chris was in the shower and I was standing over the
stove making eggs and bacon, with biscuits in the
oven. All morning I had the biggest smile on my face
that I'd ever seen on anybody, and I couldn't stop.
Being with Chris was like...was like children eating
cotton-candy, dogs playing with their squeaky toys. It
was like a first kiss, not completely expecting it,
but loving every moment of it.
I scrambled the eggs more and added a bit of cheese
and just a pinch Lolita Toplists
of pepper. Then I flipped the bacon
and prepared the table. It'd only take a few more
minutes. I was humming, not anything I'd ever heard,
but just humming. I walked back over to the stove and
checked the biscuits. They were done. So I set them on
a plate and set it on the table. Following perfectly
were the eggs and bacon. I too set them on the table.
Setting the pans on the back burner to cool off, I was
poked in the back. I jumped then smiled. "Good
shower?" I asked. Chris was walking over to the table,
about to sit down. "It was cold. I guess dad forgot to
reset the water heater."
I walked over to the table and sat down across from
Chris. "That must have been fun."
"Oh yeah." He winked and started to eat. "Damn! These
are goooood!" Chris almost yelled after tasting my
eggs. "Where'd you learn to cook like this?"
"Hehe. Where else, but my mom?" I replied, but I had
to admit they were better than I had ever made them.
"Well, if she can Lolita Toplists cook this good, I'll be eating
dinner at your house from now on." Chris went back to
eating and was finished before I was. He just sat
there and stared at me. I hadn't noticed till I looked
up from my plate. "What?" I asked raising an eyebrow,
but Chris just shook his head. I just shrugged it off
and went back to eating, but Chris never let his gaze
wander. "What??" I asked more intently. Chris smiled
and blinked. "You."
I shook my head and said, "What about me?"
Chris leaned back. "Everything." He smiled and I
furiously blushed. In the many years that I had know
Chris, I'd never seen him act like this. It was as if
something deep Lolita Toplists
within was released and he was just
let it come to the surface. I smiled at him, stood
up, and grabbed our plates. I set them in the sink and
walked back over to Chris. "Well, I guess I'd better
go home and see what kind of trouble I'm in." I got a
nervous look on my Lolita Toplists
face. Chris stood up, stretched,
then said, "Yeah...I heard what you said on the phone
last night. Sounds serious." I nodded and hugged
Chris. I never wanted to let go. As I pulled back,
Chris laid a kiss on my lips. I smiled and returned
it."See ya later man," I said walking out the door. "Wish
me luck."
"Good luck. Call me when it's over." He chuckled a
"Will do." I waved and headed to my house. At the end
of driveway was my father, with the most pissed off
look on his face. I sighed, hung my head, and kept
walking. I just thought I'd keep walking...right past
him, but he didn't see things my way. Instead, Lolita Toplists
stepped in my way and I stopped. "Look," I began. "I'm
sorry about last night. We were playing a game and I
had just forgotten about the time."
"Jay, you're not to ever go back to Chris's house."
"What??" I said surprised. I knew I was in trouble,
but not this much.
"You heard me. I've taken the phone out of your room
"Dad-" I was interrupted.
"Shut up and let me finish." My father had never been
this angry toward me in my whole life. Not once had he
ever told me to shut up. At least, in a serious way.
His thin face was getting really red and his brow was
scrunched. He was very mad. "I want you to empty your
pockets too." My jaw dropped. My cigarettes were in my
pocket. "Do it!" My father persisted. I decided to
push my luck.
"No. I will not."
I pushed too far. He walked toward me and stopped only
a few inches from my face. "Now." He said through
gritted teeth.
"Fine." I reached into my pockets, grabbed the bottom
of them, and pulled. Everything fell out. My
cigarettes, my lighter, a pen, my wallet, two
quarters, and a dollar, all fell to the ground. I just
stared at my father in frustration. He bent down and
picked up my cigarettes. Holding them in front of my
face, he asked, in a very stern tone, "Where did you
get these?"
"I just found 'em." I lied. I knew if he found out
that Chris had given them to me that I'd really never
be able to go back over to his house. I could see my
dad's jaw grinding. He knew I was lying. I exhaled and
let my tense muscles relax. I rolled my eyes and
confessed, "Chris-" I was interrupted again.
"Thought so. Go to your room."
"Please, hear me out."
"Go, to, your, room. Now."
Ok...I don't know what it was, but at that moment, I
snapped. I raised an eyebrow and said, "You can't tell
me what to do. I'm not a child anymore and I don't
have to take this." I reached up to grab my
cigarettes, but right before I reached them, they were
crushed by my father's fist. I know that you should
respect your parents, but there's a limit. Anger
filled every inch of my body and with everything in
me, I shoved my father. He lost balance and fell
backward. He managed to catch himself and landed on
his hands. Then he was standing and I could see just
about every vein popping out from his neck up. He was
taking deep slow breaths, trying not to strike out.
His fists were clenched and his knuckles were hot
white. I started to shake from my adrenaline level
dropping and the fact that I was scared of my now well
beyond pissed father. Staring deep into my eyes, he
said those famous words: "As long as you live under my
roof, you will obey my rules." He closed his eyes and
stretched his fingers. Taking a very slow deep breath,
he then said, "Now, go to your room."
I was still shaking when I reached my room. I'd never
been that mad or scared of him like that. My room was
usually a comfort zone to me, but this time, not a
single thing gave me that comfort. Sitting on the edge
of my bed, I gripped the sides as tight as I could,
trying to hold back the tears of anger. My grip nor my
eyelids were strong enough to dam those tears. I bent
my head, loosened my grip and let them flow. 'Why? Why
was he so mad? Why did he tell me I couldn't see Chris
again? Had he found out that I'm gay?' I wiped the
tears from my face and walked to my door. I could hear
my dad talking to my mom. I cracked the door just a
bit so I could understand was they were saying."...know as well as I do that Chris is no good. He's
been a bad influence on Jay ever since we moved here.
His grades aren't what they used to be, his attitude
has gotten worse, and he started smoking! Smoking,
Jane! Tell me that wasn't because of Chris!"
"They're best friends, Kyle. Jay's never had a friend
as good as Chris and you know it." I smiled because
she was sticking up for me. "They've been through a
"Yeah, a lot of trouble. I don't want him to see that
boy anymore. Never."
"Don't be so hard on him. It only makes things worse
and you'll Lolita Toplists
give yourself a heart attack." She paused
for a few seconds then said, "Maybe we just don't talk
to him anymore. He hardly eats dinner with us and when
there's a family event, he's very anti-social."
"I know...I know." My dad said in a lower voice. "But
he needs to understand that he can't just do whatever
he wants."
"Just telling him that won't be enough."
My father signed and said, "Then I guess there's only
one thing I can do." I opened the door a little more,
straining my ears to catch every word. "I'll have to
send him to Andrew's house." He kept talking but I was
busy thinking. 'Andrew...Andrew...' The name kept
repeating itself in my head. It sounded familiar, but
I couldn't put a face to it. "...finish school there
and maybe even attend college there also." My dad
My mom broke in. "But didn't Andrew move to Georgia?"
I'm guessing my dad nodded because my mom said, "Kyle,
no. We can't send him there. It's too far from home."
"Which is why I want him there."Author's Note: Who's Andrew? What's the real reason
behind Kyle's anger? What will Jay do? What will Chris
do? Find out next, in chapter 4. Feel free to e-mail
me at to let me know what
you thought about Chapter 3, "Damed If You Do, Damned
If You Don't."
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